Principles and Practice

- serving the needs of Secondary School Science Departments in the State of Victoria, Australia
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REPAIRS to school science laboratory equipment
For many years we have been repairing science equipment for schools throughout Melbourne.  We've bought back to life an huge range of equipment - from Geiger counters to vacuum pumps. Just drop us an email and explain your problem.
  • Ammeters & Voltmeters
  • Van de Graff Generators
  • Power supplies
  • Signal Generators
  • Stroboscopes
  • Timers & Counters

DESIGN & MANUFACTURE of School Science Class Demonstration Equipment
We have taken the idea or the suggestion from the science teacher or laboratory technician and brought it through to reality.
If you have a concept for a piece of science equipment but can't buy it anywhere it is time you talked to us.

From Remote Rocket Launcher to Bernoulis' Law demonstrator, from Kunt's Apparatus to Radioactive Sample Storage container, we've certain risen to the challenges of others , why not yours! Send us an email. 

Some of the handmade single units made customers requirements have been to demonstrate concepts like
  • Bernoulli's Principle
  • Venturi Effect
  • Electric current generation
  • Transformer - magnetic coupling
  • Electrical Conduction through the human body
  • Ignition coil
Transformer DemoConduction Demo

All equipment was built to the particular school's requirements

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Radiation shield box for ore samples
  • Component boards
  • Turbidity Tubes
  • Soldering Iron stands
Turbidity Tubes
Radiation Box
Component Boards

Excellent rates can be negotiated.
please email Harvey for details: